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We don't need prepress support.

It may be true.

Saving on production costs may be an idea.

But you don't always get the correct printing file with a few simple clicks from a layout and a beautiful photo.

Professionalism vs approximation.

Edit the photo to your liking, create the layout, export the file.
That's it, the document is ready to print at zero cost!

But why is the result obtained in the press poor?

The last step counts like the others.

Yes, why? The photo was so beautiful, the text on the layout read perfectly but now the printout looks not what we expected.
During the prepress phase it is necessary to consider numerous technical variables which can have a great impact on the final result.
Even more today: the 100% digital process reduces time but also control. A problem on web, TV or radio advertising can still be solved, but in the press it can only be found when it is too late to fix it.
This is the reason why it's always a good idea to rely on the expertise of a professional graphic designer and producer, who will put his experience and solid professional background at your service.
Don't invest resources and effort in strategy, media planning, expensive shooting and brilliant creativity only to see your campaign ruined because the more technical aspects were not evaluated or the media requests were not correctly interpreted.
The cost of print production will only take up a SMALL percentage of your budget but could make the BIG difference between an optimal result and a disappointing one.


AProject's mission is to relieve you of any operational worries, guaranteeing the best service and maximum safety in the production sector of advertising and commercial printing, billboards of any kind, the most varied collateral products, as well as providing you with technical assistance professional along the entire production chain. More than thirty-year experience acquired on the most varied types of customers, from small local needs to international luxury, will support you during the entire production cycle, in the preparation and finalization of the commercial product or advertising intended for advertisements to be published in Italy and around the world, on magazines and newspapers, in traditional and digital posting, both static and dynamic; to support the internal needs of the company and franchisees. That is, for all those products that require the best technical expertise to guarantee the optimal result, so as not to waste your investment with a final result that does not maximize its potential or that gives an image of professional approximation.


My name is Andrea Pasqualotto, AProject's owner and producer. Born in Milan in 1965, I am a graphic designer specialized in prepress products, in particular in support of advertising agencies and companies. Read More...


Graphic design and supplying are synchronized on the customer's schedule to guarantee a prompt, rapid and versatile service. Read More...